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Meet SMS MMS : api!

SMS MMS : api

Send SMS/MMS messages and reminders in a quick and easy way.

You can inform, notify and remind your customers using personalized messages, which you can quickly and easily create by yourself. You can connect your database to our system by yourself or with our help and thus automate and optimize the process of sending SMS/MMS messages. These can be free of charge or chargeable for the recipient.

Who uses SMS messages?

Merchants, e-shop owners, hairdressers, masseurs, cosmetic workers, doctors and therapists, mechanics, repairers of vehicles, devices and domestic appliances, clubs, societies etc. In short, anyone who wants to inform their customers en masse via SMS messages (e.g. about promotions) or remind them of the agreed date of examination, care, service, meeting, training, meeting, trip etc.

Lease messages today and have more informed customers tomorrow.

Here are just a few possible ways you can use SMS/MMS notifications:

  • mass notification of special offers, discounts, promotions, news etc.,
  • notification of the delivery status of the shipment,
  • notification of the estimated delivery date,
  • a reminder that the shipment is waiting at the post office,
  • notification of a change of the status of the order,
  • notification when you can have an appointment,
  • invitation to the annual service,
  • a reminder for the customer not to forget about tomorrow’s service, massage, haircut etc.,
  • notification of the approaching date of the medical examination,
  • notice of payment due,
  • personal message for the birthday,
  • implementation of a prize game,
  • notice of cancellation of a meeting, seminar, lecture etc. due to an emergency,
  • etc.
Our SMS MMS : api has the possibility to connect to it also with the help of SMPP CONNECTOR!

Why SMS and MMS?

Do you have a new collection, are you preparing a sale or a prize game?
Would you like to surprise your customers with an MMS code that brings a discount?
Do you want customers to receive an SMS birthday greeting every day at 10 am?
Would you like to remind customers that they have an appointment with you tomorrow?

If you answered YES to at least one question, we have the right solution for you!

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