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More about system SMS MMS : api

Mass SMS messages are messages that you send to all contacts in your database in an instant. Mass MMS messages are multimedia messages that you also instantly send to all contacts in your database.

You can arrange contacts in the database into different groups and send an SMS or MMS message with certain content to each group. You can send mass SMS/MMS messages by entering the desired message in the sending application, which can be sent to hundreds or thousands of mobile numbers with just one click. If you send MMS messages, you can also upload any photo in the application (.jpg, .png, .gif).

We offer you to send both free of charge and chargeable SMS/MMS messages for the end customer. We can also prepare personalized messages at your request.

How will I send mass SMS/MMS messages?

There are two options. The first is to use and do the integration (implementation) in your system. For this purpose, we will provide you with technical documentation.

Another option is to use our AIMartist application, which you can access online. Here integration is not required, and you can start sending messages immediately, without the extra time and cost that are otherwise required to implement. All you need is Internet access and a web browser. You will send SMS/MMS messages from wherever you have access to the Internet, directly from your user account via sending form. Once logged on to your account, you will have an overview of:

  • statistics of sent messages,
  • delivery status of an individual SMS or MMS message,
  • the number of leased messages you have available, user groups, recipients, etc.
Simple and effective!
What is an automatic SMS reminder?

Are you a car service technician, hairdresser or doctor and you want to remind customers with an SMS message that they have a vehicle service, haircut or medical examination the next day? (Of course, there are countless options here) All we need to enable you to send automated SMS reminders is a properly completed Excel document, which contains data from the database of customers to whom you want to send automatic SMS reminders. We will provide you with instructions on how to fill in the Excel document correctly when you send us an inquiry.

Based on the data in Excel, we will enable automatic texting in our messaging application. With this, your customers will receive an automatic SMS reminder one day before the agreed date (or two days earlier or anytime at your choice). If desired, we can also enable personalization.

Example of a personalized automatic SMS reminder:
Hello Mr. Miha. Tomorrow, 10/4/2020 at 1 pm you have an appointment for a dental examination in our clinic. This SMS is free of charge.

How will the system send automatic SMS reminders?

Once you have correctly filled in the Excel document and imported it into our online application AIMartist, our system will send an automatic SMS reminder to the customer you ordered one day before, notifying him/her about the scheduled appointment next day.

The system will send automatic SMS reminders every day at a time you specify (e.g. always at 4 pm).

Once logged on to your account, you will have an overview of:

  • statistics of sent messages,
  • delivery status of an individual SMS or MMS message,
  • the number of leased messages you have available, user groups, recipients, etc.
Use the potential of SMS marketing and start mass media today!
What are WAP push messages?

A WAP push message is an SMS message that contains a link to a WAP page (http link). The user can access WAP content via this link. WAP push messages, similar to MMS messages, allow you to send richer content (and more content) to the user than in an SMS message, which is also limited by the number of characters. WAP push messages are ideal for organizing SMS clubs, SMS prize games, SMS quizzes, etc.

We offer you to send both free of charge and chargeable WAP push messages for the end customer.

What offers SMS MMS : api?

SMS is a very personal advertising medium. This means that each SMS message will be adjusted for the person to whom it was sent. Whoever receives your SMS message will be addressed in it with their name, surname, etc. Also, female users will receive an SMS message written in a female form (e.g. Dear Mrs. Anja), and men in a male form (e.g. Dear Mr. Bojan). You can also include other data that will be adjusted to the individual, as the possibilities for personalization are practically unlimited.

Users respond very well to personalization. Everything written also applies to MMS messages and automatic SMS reminders.


  • In the company, you are preparing a sales campaign that you would like to inform your customers about via SMS. The campaign will take place in your branch offices in Ljubljana and Maribor. You send an SMS invitation to all customers, which you prepare with the help of our application so that those customers who live in the area of ​​Ljubljana will see the text “We are expecting you in our Ljubljana branch office”, and those from Maribor “We are expecting you in our Maribor branch office”.
  • You could write “We are expecting you at our nearest branch office” to everyone, but this message is very generic, and customers are aware that you have addressed the entire mass of people with the same text. By using a personalized message adjusted to the actual circumstances, you achieve a much better effect on the customer.

Sender setup

We have made sure that your customers do not see the number “1234” or something similar on their phone. Instead, enter any (shorter) word, say your company name. This word will appear as the sender’s name in the text messages you send.

Example of a message that has a sender set up:
Sender: New Bank
Text: Dear Mr. Novak. We invite you to view the offer of new savings accounts at We offer you 2 years with no account management costs. This SMS is free of charge.

Appointment setting

Leave nothing to chance and set the exact time when you would like customers to receive your SMS.

User segmentation

Because our application allows you to arrange users in the database into different groups, you can text only to a specific target group of customers with specific content. E.g. you text with customized content to your top customers, and text a completely different content to your potential customers.

Accurate measurement of campaign performance

At any time, you will know exactly what the delivery status of the message is (delivered, undelivered, in sending).

Tracking reactions

Our application allows you to have a two-way communication with customers and to collect their feedback or reactions. This way you will quickly see which are your “hot” clients, to which you can e.g. you direct a targeted campaign.

Two-way communication

Our system allows customers to reply to your message and with the sent keyword e.g. log on to your SMS club.


Why SMS and MMS?

Do you have a new collection, are you preparing a sale or a prize game?
Would you like to surprise your customers with an MMS code that brings a discount?
Do you want customers to receive an SMS birthday greeting every day at 10 am?
Would you like to remind customers that they have an appointment with you tomorrow?

If you answered YES to at least one question, we have the right solution for you!

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