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Make sure it’s correct

Check the status of mobile number with one click!

123Finder provides insight into all global mobile networks and is the central database of all customers licensed to use the network.

With the help of our system you can verify:

  • correctness, validity and/or blocking of the mobile number,
  • whether the number is quarantined,
  • whether the number is roaming,
  • at which operator the user was originally registered and at which he is currently (MNO number),
  • whether the user of the mobile number is currently abroad and at which operator he is roaming.

With the 123Finder system, you can keep your phone number database up to date. This way you will get rid of unnecessary sending to inactive numbers and thus save time and money.

Through the system, you can check in real time where the phone number is hosted. This way you can get rid of the costs of sending SMS and MMS messages abroad.

Eliminate inactive immediately and get rid of additional costs.

Why SMS and MMS?

Do you have a new collection, are you preparing a sale or a prize game?
Would you like to surprise your customers with an MMS code that brings a discount?
Do you want customers to receive an SMS birthday greeting every day at 10 am?
Would you like to remind customers that they have an appointment with you tomorrow?

If you answered YES to at least one question, we have the right solution for you!

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