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Frequently asked questions

Can I use hyphens and other characters (for example €) in SMS and MMS messages?

Yes, but one such character in an SMS or MMS message may take up more space. Although not visible on the outside, the length of the message is because of that longer. As a result, if you exceed the length corresponding to one message in an SMS/MMS message, you will pay more for it.

Can I send SMS and MMS messages abroad and how much do they cost?

You can. Send us an inquiry.

How do I import a database of customers to whom I want to send messages into the AIMartist online program?

(For someone who has not done integration into their system, but uses our online program AIMartist.)

You do this with the help of an Excel spreadsheet, in which you correctly enter the names of the clients (optionally also the surnames) and their telephone numbers. You can also sort customers into different groups. This allows you to send a specific SMS/MMS message only to a specific group. Example: You only send a purchase-encouraging SMS to customers in the “potential customers” group.

In doing so, the same customer can be part of multiple groups within your database. Example: Ana, who you have in the “potential customers” group, can also be classified in the “women” group, and you send an MMS message to the whole group of women for March 8 with a code that brings a special benefit at purchase.

Are you getting new customers you would like to bring in? No problem. You can add new customers to the Excel spreadsheet at any time. Instructions on how to enter contacts in the Excel spreadsheet correctly and how to classify clients into different groups will be provided by us.

Frequently Asked Questions

In what time period do I have to spend the leased amount of messages (SMS, MMS)?

Within 12 months from the date of purchase.

Is it necessary to pay a monthly subscription in addition to renting messages (SMS, MMS)?


Can the company name or other name be displayed as sender instead of general telephone number (for example, “1234”)?


How do I turn on the service that allows any word to be displayed instead of the sender’s phone number (for example, “1234”)?

You can choose this option at the time of registration, but if you decide on it later, contact us.

Is the service that allows any word to be displayed instead of the sender’s general phone number (such as “1234”) chargeable?

Yes. The price of the service is € 85. The cost is one-time.

Can I send SMS and MMS messages from my own phone number?

Yes. In this case, you provide us with your phone number, which we set up in the account for sending messages. The service is chargeable.

Can I receive SMS and MMS messages on my own phone number?

Yes. In this case, you send us your SIM card, which we set up in the account for receiving messages. The service is chargeable.

Do I have to hire a sender?

No. You can use our general telephone number or InfoSMS sender, both are free of charge.

Can I receive replies to sent SMS messages?

Yes. However, you need to lease the module that allows two-way communication. If you are interested in this option, contact us.

Do you support all Slovenian operators?

Yes, and foreign too. We have over 900 connections worldwide.

Do I need to have a special application installed on my computer to send SMS or MMS messages via your system?

No. You are sending from your user account, and you only need a mobile device connected to the Internet to send.

How do I know if an SMS or MMS message has been successfully delivered?

The delivery status is always displayed in the program at sending (outgoing) messages.

Can I send messages to multiple recipients at once?


How many SMS and MMS messages can I send in a given time?

There is no limit as the system sends 500 messages per second.

Is it possible to buy a keyword and chargeable SMS service?

Yes. For more information, send us an inquiry or contact us.

How reliable is your system?

99.9%. Over 2 million messages are sent through our system every month. We use premium channels for sending, which are the highest quality and most reliable of all existing channels on the market. Of course, there is always a small chance of a service failure due to force majeure, over which no one has any influence.

When does the sent message arrive on the phone?

Messages are delivered immediately (within seconds).

How do I connect to your system?

You will get the documentation where is through examples shown how to connect easily with a few lines of code.

Can I send chargeable messages to the end customer?



Why SMS and MMS?

Do you have a new collection, are you preparing a sale or a prize game?
Would you like to surprise your customers with an MMS code that brings a discount?
Do you want customers to receive an SMS birthday greeting every day at 10 am?
Would you like to remind customers that they have an appointment with you tomorrow?

If you answered YES to at least one question, we have the right solution for you!

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