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Kill two birds, with one stone!

Collect customer data and at the same time run and monitor SMS and email campaigns. All in one system, accessible via phone, tablet or computer.

Are you looking to update your backend systems? Are you looking for a solution that offers you solution for advertising and collecting customer data at the same time? Our product combines two worlds in one platform: MARKETING CAMPAIGNS and CENTRALIZED COLLECTION AND MONITORIZATION OF CUSTOMER DATA, including consents.

Our system flyCRM is highly technological solution that combines two kinds of systems in one. It unites main functionalities of CRM systems that enable collection and monitorization of all customer data. Beside these functionalities, you are able to find also functionalities of systems for notifications en masse of users via SMS messages and e-mails.

A special feature of our solution lies in the fact that you and your company will gain everything which your company needs to do effective marketing of own services and products. Our system automatically notes when one of your customers checks out from receiving news and notifications. With that we also provide that your company is complient with GDPR legislation, which is important factor in everyday business with customers. Besides every our functionality, system notes time when the consent was obtained and with that the audit trail is written.

Our system is very versatile, which allows it to connect with diverse external systems that are offered on the market. All this and more is mainly based on the API integrations. Our solution can be connected with your own online shops, portals and other backend systems. This way you will record all information in one place, without unnecessary and unclear excel tables.

Our system enables the collection of data in a uniform and transparent form. You can view up-to-date information about your customers at any time via the web interface, and export them at your own discretion.

With the help of the AIM module, you can automatize notifying and reminding customers via SMS messages. Within the PREMIUM channel you can send via more than 900 special leased direct connections around the world for sending SMS messages. Direct connections enable a dynamic sender, monitoring the delivery of messages and a sending speed of 30,000 SMS/min. You also get the 123Finder functionality for free within the PREMIUM channel, which checks the validity and correctness of the telephone numbers to which you send. This functionality can reduce sending costs by up to 20% over a period of one year.

As the last important element, there is also !-MAIL DELUXE, which greatly facilitates the implementation of marketing campaigns during integration and automatizes the sending of personalized emails and other notifications. It is a very effective advertising tool that provides 100% traceability. You can track in real time how many people opened your email and how many of them clicked on the corresponding link. Surveys, automatic responders and triggers, and much more can be created through the system.

In practice, we offer online and physical stores a special AIM Agent module, through which your branches can have their own account for entering data of new customers and subscribing customers to your personalized notifications (entering consent). It is also very easy to find and adjust the data via the AIM Agent interface, based on the customer’s wishes (change of address or other data). With this module, we can provide personalized access for each of your employees, as well as accurate and transparent control over your customer data.

The whole combination described above is entirely the result of the work of the 4EGenus International team and we are very proud of it. Because we can say that we are the first on the market to offer such a comprehensive, sophisticated and working solution that simplifies the collection of data and speeds up the implementation of marketing campaigns.

Don’t wait, contact us to see in what way you can use our solutions in your company!

Why SMS and MMS?

Do you have a new collection, are you preparing a sale or a prize game?
Would you like to surprise your customers with an MMS code that brings a discount?
Do you want customers to receive an SMS birthday greeting every day at 10 am?
Would you like to remind customers that they have an appointment with you tomorrow?

If you answered YES to at least one question, we have the right solution for you!

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